Beach road

What could be more fun , than driving through this huge beautiful sand beach ? This time we've planned a short trip to Taiba. It's small but very beautiful town near Paracuru. And the fastest way to get there is this beach road. Although it's available only few times per day because of the sea tides. So we have limited time to go there and get back. Taiba is very beautiful town because it's located on the rocks along the coast. All the restaurants have their terases with a spectacular view to the ocean. After our lunch , we enjoyed watching surfers catching their waves in front of our terase.

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Hi to you all :) How are you after that crazy Valentin's day ?? For me that day doesn't mean much, cause I think we should show our love everyday . Still it's quite nice to have one day dedicated to LOVE, except all that red junk in the stores. Talking about red , in the first photo you can see one of my favorite spices - saffron. It's true aphrodisiac and most of all I love the color of it. Every time I'm making dishes with saffron , I always remember an arabic story " One thousand and one nights ". I love old arabian culture and their art . In my nearest future plans is visiting Morocco. I heard so much amazing things about it , so I wish to see it all with my own eyes. Also I really liked the movie Hideous kinky (1998) if anyone haven't seen it I'm recommending to watch it

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Feel the waves

 In the last post I was trying to warm you up , now I'll give you some true energy ! There was a local surf competition where these young boys were having fun  riding on those beautiful waves. We couldn't avoid of taking some photos of them. The beach was full of people staring to this beautiful view. It seems like a graceful dance on the waves. I love surfing, it's incredible feeling when you're pushed with some kind of the power from the deep of the ocean. Although it's tricky and you must learn to feel the ocean. But that's the beauty of it ! 

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When half of the world is having winter time with all the snow, ice and coldness , I will warm you up a little bit with some of my photos which gives me nice and warm feeling. I'm not saying that beautiful landscape with the view of the mountains covered with snow isn't nice. Or having glass of hot chocolate in front of fireplace. It's really romantic and has it's own charm. But I think you'll all agree that sun and warm weather gives us true power which we need. So enjoy with some shots from our yard , and I hope this will warm you up and will give you a smile on your face.

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The color of sunset

One of the most beautiful things is sunset.. I think we all can agree on that ? That's why today's post I'll dedicate to it. I just love the colors of nature when the sun keeps going down to the horizon,it's just amazing. They become similar to the paintings.

I love the view of wind turbines, they reminds me the story of Don Quijote (famous Miguel de Cervantes  story  The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha ) and his fight with windmills.

Even our buggy looks nostalgic in those beautiful colors of the sun. But this lasts only a few moments, cause the sun near equator doesn't give much time to enjoy the sunset. Only few moments separates day and night, that's why we cherish the beauty of them so much.

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Another Day in Paradise

Hey You all :)

When we were driving to the beach we've met those two beautiful fellows. They came closer to our buggy to say hello .. Such a nice couple. Here in Brazil one thing is really amazing. All the animals are living free , they go where they want and all the people are living in peace with them. All seems to be happy.You can tell that from the faces of those dogs. 

 I love this wild beach without any tourists , you can even fell there like in uninhabited island. Red sand beaches with high dunes and palm trees dancing in the wind..what more could you ask ?

All the morning we were surfing in that beautiful beach . Small waves but the view and vibration there is among all.
Midday siesta I've spent in our green yard playing with my bunny.

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Say Hello to SUN PEACE LOVE 

  Let me introduce myself. 

My name is Eva and I'll be writing this beautiful blog dedicate to the passions of mine. 
What are they ?
Let the name of the blog will inspire you for this answer. I'll write about moments of my life that means a lot for me, about my love for this amazing world, people who lives in it and places which surrounds me. Hope that this little creation of mine will reach you wherever you are.

One of my biggest passion is traveling. I love to discover as much different places as I can. I think that this will be the main subject of this blog, I will publish millions of photos from my travels and you will have an opportunity to travel with me in the real time , cause I'm not stopping anywhere yet !

First photo was taken in the beautiful beach of Paracuru,Brazil . Amazing yellow sand , deep blue ocean , sun and wind in my hair is the perfect combination for the perfect day .

These beauties are my treasures found on the beach. One of the things that I adore is waking up at 5am in the morning and going for a walk on the peaceful beach . Collect some sea shells, turtle bones and other treasures that waves dropped out from the ocean. That's my idea for the perfect meditation.